Discovery workshop

We will help you unearth the behavioural challenges within your organisation. This workshop is the first step to starting the behavioural design process that entails discovering key problem areas and metrics, defining the behavioural challenge, diagnosing its root causes, designing interventions and then testing interventions in the real world. 


Interactive workshop


Approximately two hours


In person or remotely


This workshop is completely FREE!

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What you will need to do: 

  • Key stakeholders present for the workshop. 
  • Please bring relevant organisation or project data if possible. (We will give you more information regarding this).
  • No other preparation required.
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The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding applied behavioural science and the problem areas it can solve
  • How to use behavioural science to solve organisational challenge
  • Identifying key metrics within your organisation
  • Identifying problem areas within your organisation
  • Prioritising problem areas with a behavioural focus
  • Mapping out user behaviours that lead to desired and undesired behaviours 

At the end of this workshop, you will have:

  • The discovery phase presentation
  • Learnt about behavioural design and the behavioural design process
  • An understanding of applied behavioural science and its case studies
  • Learnt how to identify key problem areas within your organisation
  • Identified at least three problem areas in your organisation that can be tackled using behavioural science 

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