What is behavioural optimisation?

Over the years, we have built a library of strategies, tactics and subtle nudges that are based on insights from behavioural science literature. We utilise this library and other sources to craft solutions that aim to guide user or employee behaviour in a certain direction.


Who should be using behavioural optimisation?

If you are looking to solve familiar or existing challenges then this service is for you. This would include, amongst others, marketers and designers who are striving to make incremental improvements to an existing product, service, or item of communication.

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What is the value of optimisation?

We believe that the value of this product lies in the ideas themselves. Although behavioural science offers rich insights, ideas, and practical solutions, this information is often inaccessible to the untrained reader or practitioner and time-consuming to collect and consolidate. It is here that Gravity offers its services in revamping information to make it accessible and useful to every reader.


What is Gravity's edge?

It is easy to apply social bench-marking or revert to defaults. The real challenge lies in understanding the nuances that make a certain nudge effective in a particular context. To top off the experience that Gravity offers as a thought leader in behavioural optimisation, we believe that our unique approach to, and consistent focus on, contextual variables (or working conditions) is vital to the success of a specific tactic or strategy.

What is the process?

We start by unpacking the specific challenges and objectives with the aim of understanding the channel and other contextual information. We then aim to generate between 15 to 20 solutions internally by using our library and other sources. This is followed by an internal prioritisation workshop where we discuss the solutions and their applicability based on our understanding of the working conditions. Finally, an external prioritisation workshop is held in order to look at expected value, feasibility, buy-in, and scalability.

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What are the outputs?

The final output is a report that details eight to ten behaviourally-informed solutions as well as the working conditions, the evidence of their benefits, and the guidelines necessary for their implementation. Additionally, a follow-up presentation is given to key stakeholders.