What service does Gravity provide?

We provide organisations with expertise in the designing, setting up, and running of business experiments. This includes collection, management and analysis of data as well as data-driven decision-making and data interpretation support. Additionally, we offer consultation, facilitation, and training services regarding this subject.


What value do business experiments provide?

At Gravity, we believe that an understanding of the value of experimentation requires an appreciation for complexity and uncertainty. This comes with the realisation that our decisions are often based on hunches rather than truths. We know that, in order to achieve certain outcomes, we need to turn hunches into hypotheses and test them in the real world before we can fully commit to a certain direction or idea. To this end, experimentation is your best friend for increasing your chances of success. 


Who should be using experiments?

We believe that experimentation is an endeavor that should permeate all levels of your company, from its growth, marketing, and design teams through to its operations, performance, and employee wellness. Of course, there are conditions that make an experimental approach applicable, such as measurable outcomes, large target groups, and clear narrowly defined objectives.  


What is Gravity's edge?

One of our goals has always been to bridge the gap between academia and business. This edge allows us to translate useful scientific findings into practical interventions. However, this is not the only valuable outcome. We have a strong grasp of the scientific research method, which, at its core, provides a set of experimental techniques that we have translated into robust tools fit for the current business environment.

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What is the process?

The step-by-step process depends on the type of experiment, role, and existing preparation work. This means that we could start with a well-defined hypothesis in some cases or start with no clear desired outcome or intervention in other cases. That said, in all cases, we have built a framework and process to accommodate any challenge.

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What are the outputs?

We understand the importance of clear outputs, but also value the ability to adapt to and accommodate our client’s needs. In order to achieve these sometimes conflicting objectives, we have divided our experimentation process into a set of modules. These modules each have their own set of inputs, turnaround times, and outputs. This allows us to meet you at any stage of your business journey and share clear tangibles throughout the process as opposed to at the very end.