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Welcome to Gravity Ideas!

We are a behavioural design consultancy. We use behavioural science to give our clients a richer understanding of how people make decisions and the factors that influence them. This enables us to design and optimise our clients' products and services.


Here are some of our clients

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2014 - Present .


And some of our awards

Behavioural Exchange

Practitioners award winners 2017

Nudge Awards

Gold Winners 2016



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But this is what we really do


Our full flagship solution, an end-to-end behavioural design process, applies behavioural insights and tactics with a focus on shifting behaviour. We solve a variety of business challenges with this process, from internal processes to client interaction and product perception. The support tools we use in our end-to-end process can be applied individually too. See these services below.


And these are our support services


Wondering how this could work? 

Here is some examples of how we implimented behavioural change before

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