What is a behavioural literature review?

Often teams need to understand specific behavioural domains, insights, strategies or tactics before they can move forward. We leverage our understanding of behavioural science literature and business communication skills to develop an accessible review on a certain subject that can support accurate assumptions and better decision-making.


Who should be using behavioural literature reviews?

If you are a practitioner, designer, marketer or analyst then it is likely that you will find this service useful. That said, this service is really for anyone who is looking to improve users or employees' decision-making. At Gravity, we believe that better decision-making starts with accurate assumptions and learnings about human motivation and drivers of decision-making in context. This service will offer you a fast-pass into the world of scientific insights and translate these insights into actionable ideas.  


What is the value of a literature review?

The value lies in a better understanding of the inner workings that underpin the decision-making processes of your audience. This informed understanding can then be used to develop effective tactics and solutions.


What is Gravity's edge?

Gravity is uniquely positioned to offer this service. Our business network, experience, and keen understanding of behavioural science literature makes us the ideal channel for translating the complicated and unfamiliar academic landscape into palatable content that is accessible to design, marketing, and operational teams.

What is the process?

After an initial session with the stakeholder geared towards unpacking assumptions, unknowns and key questions, we then set out to define a set of research objectives that will guide the research strategy and content development. We use a combination of tools to access the relevant literature, organise the findings into key ideas, and check their validity. These findings are filtered and then collated into a final report.

Litruture Review outline.png

What are the outputs?

The primary output for this service is a paper-based report. We also offer additional outputs such as a presentation on key points or a web-based version with multi-media options.