A Week of Behavioural Design at Red & Yellow


Every year I spend a week with the bright, young post-grad students from Red & Yellow, teaching them about behavioural science and how to approach it as practitioner looking to apply the learnings to marketing communication and design challenges. 


This year, the week long module included an introduction to the behavioural design process and a narrow behavioural challenge that they were tasked with helping a business solve. In order to do this, they were split into teams of 6 and tasked with systematically moving through the four main steps in the behavioural design process:


The 4 Steps in the Behavioural Design Process:

  • Define the behavioural challenge
  • Diagnose the drivers and barriers
  • Design behaviourally-informed interventions
  • Test internally and then through field experimentation

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We're also constantly running corporate workshops on how to apply behavioural design to solve business challenges.

You can find out more about this by contacting us at info@gravityideas.com or on (+27) 87 470 0445