What is user-centric research?

At Gravity, we know that, in today’s competitive market, it is important for a company to understand their user audience. Ultimately, you want to know what makes your users tick.

User research utilises a variety of tools to offer insights into the mindset and behaviour of consumers who use your product or service. Whether you are just starting ideation or about to launch a new campaign, user insights and feedback are vital to ensuring the success of your business product or service.  

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Who should be using user research?

User research can provide you with meaningful insights to make informed decisions regarding your users or your brand’s marketing journey. Globally, individuals working in product conceptualisation, usability design, marketing, customer relations, and brand strategy are implementing consumer feedback and user research to develop successful products and campaigns. Isn’t it about time you do the same?


What is Gravity's edge?

As an outside party, Gravity aims to bring an objective and unbiased approach to user research. Our mediator position means that we are able to employ unbiased research methods and deliver objective results and insights. Our user research is grounded in the years of available literature and learnings from the academic field of Behavioural Science.  This interdisciplinary approach aids us in delivering actionable outcomes and reliable recommendations that are rooted in an understanding of human behaviour.


What value does user-centric research provide?

User research will provide you with valuable insight into user engagement with your product or service, before it has been launched into the world. By validating (or possibly discrediting) internal assumptions, this insight will enable you to design products and services that meet the actual needs and expectations of your users.


What is the process?

While every user research experience provides its own unique set of challenges and specifications, the structured process that we have developed ensures consistency and efficiency. From the initial briefing right through to the presentation of the final results, we aim to establish a partnership between your team and ours. We believe that your feedback is invaluable and so we encourage you to join us in test sessions. Our multi-phase feedback processes ensure that your voice is heard and that the final results meet your expectations.

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What are the outputs?

We know that, in today's fast-paced world, you do not have time to waste. This is why we will consolidate, organise, and analyse observations for you.  A member of our team will take you through a presentation which will include a summary of the observations, answers to your research objectives, and insights drawn from the observations. Additionally, the presentation will contain recommendations based on these insights and supported by evidence. Examples of evidence will include direct quotes and video highlights of users providing honest feedback while engaging with your content.